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The presence of an authorized service center from suppliers of equipment and cash handling products is a guarantee of reducing the risk of system failure and minimizing the loss of time and funds of companies. On the basis of the TSS company there is a subsidiary company Asia Online, which is a service center.

Asia Online is a subsidiary of TSS, which is a service provider that provides warranty and post-warranty service for all equipment. The service center serves all types of banking equipment, including a quote board, banknote and coin counters, banknote detectors, tape and vacuum packers, QCM and ADM.

Asia Online is the only company that has the exclusive rights and powers of an authorized service center on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan of such well-known brands as Hyundai, MIB, Billcon, Vama, Cassida, GRG bankingMagner and others, which, in turn, provides qualified, authorized maintenance of equipment, as well as the availability of original spare parts.

Asia Online's experienced technical staff is always ready to provide expert assistance. The service center employees are experienced technicians. Among them are certified engineers with internships abroad.

The main task of Asia Online is to promptly resolve issues arising during the operation of equipment sold by the company. TSS

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Our services

The service department of the company offers the following types of services:
  • Pre-sale preparation
  • Supply of repair materials
  • Warranty service
  • Delivery of spare parts and components
  • Post-warranty service
  • Information support
  • Repairs
  • Обучение пользователей и специалистов

Correct use and qualified service of the product is a prerequisite for the free warranty service of almost all manufacturers of equipment and cash handling products. Unqualified maintenance, intervention by an unauthorized specialist and unauthorized repair of equipment are a violation of the terms of warranty service, as well as a reason for refusing to fulfill the manufacturer's warranty obligations.

Today, "Asia Online" provides high-quality professional service support for banking equipment of any configuration. Thanks to many years of experience in servicing the supplied and manufactured equipment of the "TSS" company, we were able to create a technical support service for our customers in almost all regions of the republic. Service is provided by our certified engineers to ensure that cash handling equipment and products operate reliably and smoothly according to customer requirements.

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